Sunday, August 28, 2011

candy corn and scarecrows [a craft how-to]

grandma r. came to town this weekend with our nieces and brought two fall crafts for the kids:  candy corn pots and can scarecrows (edited: source here)!  and they are so easy to make, too!  the kids loved it!

the candy corn pots don't really need a tutorial.  paint, fill with candy, adorn with a handmade pick (if you want).  

but here are a few tips:

  1. wrap a rubber band around the pot between the bottom (white) and the middle (orange) sections.
  2. use the lip of the pot for the line between the middle and the top (yellow) section.
  3. paint the top (yellow) and the bottom (white) sections first.  let them dry. 
  4. carefully fold down the rubber band over the top edge of the bottom (white) section to create the guide for your orange paint.

i made the picks from free basic clip art loaded into my silhouette sd.  and just hot glued them onto toothpicks.

for the scarecrows, start with an empty, clean LARGE (family size) can.  these were bush's baked beans cans. 

  • cover sides of can with light brown felt. secure with tacky glue.
  • glue on buttons for eyes, felt nose, and string mouth.

  • glue on raffia for hair (with hot glue). we used another unopened can to hold the hair in place while the glue dried.  you could use hot glue and skip the dry time. 

  • decorate straw hat (found in the doll section of hobby lobby) with flowers or a strip of fabric for the boys (with hot glue). 
  • glue hat on (with hot glue).

these two crafts put me in the mood for fall...i can't wait for the crisp air and apple-picking!
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