Monday, August 1, 2011

a simple skirt for maeve and the cousins

i get so much inspiration from the sewing blogs in blogland.  i especially love MADE.  dana has a ton of amazing tutorials.  i have read them all.  hadn't actually done any.  until now.

the simple skirt.  i like tutorials that contain the word *simple*.  off to a great start!

it really was simple!  she even gives you instructions for a double layered skirt for those of you who are daring.

it worked!  i made the simple skirt for my 5-year-old daughter maeve with a an adorable remnant i found at my local jo-ann's.  it was already cut at the perfect size; i straightened the edges and started sewing.  not too girly, light and airy, with kind of a slub texture.

i was so happy with how it turned out, i made three more so the cousins could match (luckily jo-ann's had more on the bolt).  only down poor ethan, no skirt for him.  :(

i used store-bought double fold bias tape for the bottom hem in a dark gray, pink, and orange.  

the girl cousins in their matching skirts

she walked out on the dock with her hands behind her back like cute!

my nieces...they loved their skirts (whew!)

a closer look at greta's tiny skirt

you might have noticed their matching shirts...more on those soon!

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