Tuesday, September 6, 2011

melissa's beach wedding tote bags and a look back in time!

A few weeks ago, my college sweetheart and I celebrated our 10 year wedding anniversary.  A decade!  Two full time jobs, one professional degree, two kids, two mini-vans, and a mortgage later...life could not get any better!  I am the luckiest girl alive!  
Last summer at our 10 year college reunion.  How things change in 10 short years!
What, you say?  You thought this post was about beachy wedding tote bags?  Sorry, I digress.  Seriously, my wedding and 10 years of 'unity candle' is relevant, I swear.  

gosh, we look so young and well-rested.   :)  

me and my maid of honor, Melissa!
Exactly two weeks after our wedding, one of my best friends married her college sweetheart, in the same town, in the same beautiful campus chapel that we got married in.  
Melissa and her groom Shawn.  Yes, that's a kilt.
Melissa.  I've mentioned her before.  She is the designer behind Melissa K. Hoy Jewelry Designs.  Also the artist behind the logo for my little business, zero7one9 designs.  Melissa, her husband, and their 3 sweet children had a ceremony two weeks ago in Cancun to renew their vows and celebrate their marriage (can you say, jealous?  i can).  

I couldn't be there with them, but a little piece of me was (actually 8 pieces): 

Melissa filled the inside and the two front pockets with gifts and gave them to family that made the trip to share the event with them. 

I used Anna's (Noodlehead) Summer Madras Tote tutorial and absolutely love how they turned out.  

pay no mind to the collection of light sabers drying on a towel after being left out in the rain!  real life.

Love you, Melissa.  For letting me make these and for loving them (as much as I do).  

In case you were wondering: 

  • the pink polka dot fabric is Premier Prints Oxygen Dots in Candy Pink (from Fabric.com)
  • the interior paisley is Riley Blake Sweet Nothings Paisley Cream (from Fabric.com)
  • the exterior diagonal stripe is from JoAnn Fabrics' Keepsake line: Gerbera Bias Stripe 
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