Monday, August 22, 2011

don't tell the NFL...

there aren't many things that will excite an 8 year old boy.  star wars. pokemon. sports. food. video games. dirt.  okay, so there are a few things.   

here's another to add to the list:  a personalized water bottle!    

he asked for his name and a football.  so in typical overachiever form, this is what i produced.  (wink)

due to 8 years of brainwashing by his father, he is a devout minnesota vikings fan, so this was perfect.  it only would have been better if i added a green bay packer logo with a huge line through it.  (my apologies to the readers who are packer fans -- i love brett favre, if it's any consolation).

the font is supposed to look like star wars.  i got it on one of the free font websites.  i think the font is called "star jedi".  there is also one called "jedi" that is similar.  both would be perfect for any star wars themed anything...and perfect for the budget as well! 

so, $3.99 for the water bottle from target (purple, of course), a scrap piece of vinyl, and my trusted silhouette sd, i successfully impressed an 8 year old!

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