Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Have I mentioned that I love my Silhouette?

I am in love.  With my Silhouette.  It is consistently ah-may-zing me with each new project.  I recently made cards on it.  Where has it been all my life?  I digress.

The first card was a birthday card for a gift that was ordered through my etsy shop.  The customer asked that it be shipped directly to the birthday girl and I included this card:

To create the card, I used two different files that came with my Silhouette.  I used the card with a scallop edge from one file and the happy birthday from another file.  Easy.

Now that I had some confidence in my card making...(ha!)...I decided to create a thank you card to include with a different order.  This one was designed around my shop's logo.  

It's just circles.  The bottom row of circles has my shop logo peeking through.  The top two rows say 'thank you', as if you needed me to spell it out.  Although my husband had trouble figuring out what it said...is it hard to read?  I liked how the "k" wraps around so the rows stay consistent and mimics the four circles in the logo.  What do you think?

And because I didn't want the inside writing to show through, I dug through my scrap pile and found a charcoal gray piece of sheer fabric, cut it to size, glued it to a piece of white card stock, then glued to whole thing to the back of the front flap.  In the pic below, you can see the shimmer of the sheer fabric. 

I swear, it looked better in person!  I hope the recipient thinks so, too!  
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