Tuesday, February 1, 2011

My first crafting 911

It was bound to happen.  And last night, it did.  My first craft-related injury:  burn from hot glue.  I will admit, I shed a tear or two from the pain. 
I was finishing up a gift for a work friend who is moving away (well, really a gift for her super-cute almost-one-year-old daughter).  I don't even remember how it happened b/c it all went down so quickly.  Somehow the glue ended up on the top of my index finger (on my right hand, no less).  In my reaction to get this burning subtance off my skin ASAP, 2 things happened:

  1. another (far less severe) burn on the pad of my left naughty finger 
  2. wiping off not only the glue, but the skin under it (the bright side?  now i don't have to wait for the blister to pop!) 

I'd post a pic, but don't want to gross anyone out. 
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