Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kanzashi = Sleek Satin Flowers

I am loving these!  They are based on an ancient Japanese fabric folding craft called Kanzashi.  The flowers were traditionally worn in the hair and were believed to ward off bad spirits. 

Here's my twist on Kanzashi. 

These are all made from satin, except the pink one.  The light pink is satin, but the darker pink in another silky type of material (sorry, i found it on the remnant pile, so don't know it's exact content).

The backs I put on are french clips, but these could be applied to a brooch pin, a headband, etc. to adorn your lapel, spice up your purse, add flair to your scarf...

Could you find a use for one of these?  Comment and tell me what you'd use it for!

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