Wednesday, June 15, 2011

scrap paper kids' bracelets [a tutorial]

we just finished our 3-day garage sale and are *so* happy to take back a lot of our storage area!  

while we were keeping an eye on our 'shop', we made some scrap paper bracelets out of the supplies on the check-out table.  

this is *so* simple and the kids had a blast 'designing' their bracelets.  think of it as a scrap paper sandwich where the tape is the bread.  but here are some pics to illustrate:

Design option #1

some scraps that didn't stick.  fit them on the tape or leave the spaces empty!
Design option #2:

here's the sandwich!

Use a small piece of packaging tape to secure it to a wrist (or ankle)!  

easy and fast activity to get the kids' creativity flowing! enjoy!

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