Tuesday, June 21, 2011

you will not believe what i won, for reals.

i was just about to toss in the towel on my luck with blog giveaway contests...until yesterday.  i hit the proverbial jackpot.  i had been traveling all morning for work, in meetings all day, checked into the hotel, got online and what do i find?  

i couldn't go fast enough over to Vintage Rose Wraps to see for myself.  shut the front door!  it was true!  i spent the next few hours (after i picked my jaw up off the floor) pouring over the sites and facebook pages of all the ridiculously generous vendors who donated their handmade goodies to the VRW spring into summer giveaway.  over $1000 in prizes...serious shopping my future, i tell ya!

as a shout out for each vendor, i will be featuring the actual prizes you donated so generously.  i am so excited, i just can't hide it, i'm about to lose control and i think i like it.  ;)    did i mention how excited i am???

a huge thanks to katie of Vintage Rose Wraps for hosting the giveaway.  lovin' on her headband wraps.  i know a 5 year old who will *love* one.  they will actually be comfortable enough for her to wear all day because there are no hard parts to dig into her head! and they are stylish, too!

and that lovely lady ("Sims Family") who left that comment to tip me off to my coming fortune:  whitney, of Turbo Bubble Gum.  what a super-sweetie!  thank you, whitney!  she was the lucky winner of three local vendor prizes in the event the winner was not local to AZ (what? i'd still eat cupcakes sent through the mail!)  ;)  ha!

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