Saturday, June 18, 2011

more kanzashi satin flowers

the response to these folded satin flowers has been great! i am totally sold out of them!  thanks for all the nice words.  it makes me happy to know that people like the things i make. [insert smile here!].  

anyway,  i thought i'd show [off] a few more that i have done since then:

pretty piper modeling one on a headband

yay for orange!

with a leaf...

polka dot love

i call these 'spiky' (the ones above are 'loopy')...real technical terms here.   ;)

a monochromatic 'loopy' one worn as a brooch (by the fabulous jane k.)...she also clipped this to the handle of a purse for instant accessorization (is that a word?).  ha!

this one livens up gina's black cardigan

do you have a favorite?  
are you on "team loopy" or "team spiky"?
suggestions for other color-schemes?

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