Tuesday, October 11, 2011

a welcome banner from office supplies [a mini-tutorial]

We are welcoming a new employee tomorrow, so I took 15 minutes to whip up a welcome sign for her desk.  A few basic office supplies later...   

(pics taken with my trusty iPhone)...sorry!

I used:

  • 5 sheets of regular colored copy paper 
  • our paper cutter 
  • scotch tape 
  • some old, outdated business card magnets

I created the pennants using basic shapes in Word.  Once I got the triangle sized to my liking, I saved the file, then shrunk it a bit for the smaller triangle that fits on top.  Then inserted a text box to type each letter (in a font of your choice).  

i [heart] paper cutters.

Cut with paper cutter (I wish I had one of these at home!) or scissors.

Determine your color combinations for each pennant.  Tape the smaller pennant on top of each larger one.  

Cut up the business card magnets.  
business card magnets.
I got 6 pieces out of each business card magnet. Make sure the magnet is large enough to hold the weight of your pennant.  
Tip: Use the back as the front, so you don't see your cutting guides.  Saves some time...especially at while you're at work!  ;)
And you're done! Arrange. Admire.  :)

Wouldn't you love to receive a welcome like this to help you settle into your first day at a new job?
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