Thursday, June 30, 2011

you wanna see a Flipped Bird?

Vintage Rose Wraps giveaway prizes that have arrived so far:
  1. Rock A Bow Baby hat (still looking for your opinions)

and now, Marci at Flipped Bird (*love* the name) sent me a fabulous reversible bag and flower jar of hair ties!

photo credit

not a bad pic considering my 8 year old took it!

this it is moments after i tore open the package!  

i love that it can be worn over your shoulder, or cross-body, like a messenger bag.  i carried it last weekend at our local Arts Festival where fine artists from around the country convene and display their art.  

we took the kids and i toted everything comfortably in this great bag.  it was a bit thunderstormy (not a word, i know), and my bag was plenty roomy to fit: 2 rain coats, umbrellas, and my wristlet!  

a good look at both fabrics and the awesome label.  

and the name, Flipped Bird, is just hilarious!  here's what Marci says, "the name comes from my husband John who calls me bird and from my daughter Kassidy who hatched the name and claims innocence to the innuendo".  hilarious.

 along with the bag came a jar of elastic hair ties (like the orange one around the jar) in a fun variety of colors.  

i've never met Marci, but i can tell she'd be fun to hang out with!  visit her Etsy shop to find your perfect bag! 

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