Saturday, May 28, 2011

re-sticky-ify your silhouette cutting mat (for free!) [a mini-tutorial]

i've been cutting a lot of fabric on my silhouette sd which leaves a fair amount of 'residue' on the cutting mat after a time.   

the replacement cutting mats are pretty spendy, so i was willing to try alternative methods.  

then i remembered those sticky hand toys i had when i was a kid.

when the hand accumulated too much gunk from sticking to too many things, a quick wash with dish soap brought it back to life.  hmmm... worth a try!
jackpot!  it worked!  it took a bit of scrubbing (gently with just my hands) and several generous squirts of dish soap, but the mat is re-sticky-ified!

you have my permission to spend the money you save with this little tip on more [insert your medium here].  mine would be fabric.  i think i'm getting addicted. 

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