Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What's Your Virtue...VRW giveaway prize

Vintage Rose Wraps giveaway prizes that have arrived so far:
  1. Rock A Bow Baby hat (still looking for your opinions)
  2. Flipped Bird bag and jar of hair ties

What's Your Virtue? sent me three 'lip bliss' glosses 
(i even got to choose the colors)!

photo credit

 i chose devotion, simplicity, and kindness.  literally, that's what i'm choosing.  

What's Your Virtue is a company who reminds women not to get caught up in what advertisers define as beautiful, rather to focus on what is inside us.    

the lip bliss trio arrived in a clear tube (seen in my photos).  it was a clever way to present the "trio", but also added protection during shipping.  love the look and the practicality of it.  

the blisses were just that...bliss for my lips.  so shiny, long-lasting, and has a refreshing light minty scent!  i have tried two so far and will try the third tomorrow!

thank you, What's Your Virtue?

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