Saturday, July 16, 2011

prepping for vacation...activities for the kids!

each summer, my husband's side of the family spends a week vacation at a lake cabin.  the kids are there the entire week, but we can only get away for a few days so we take the kids up early then come back to finish out the week with the fam'.  

this year, my mother-in-law and my awesome sisters-in-law kept the kids an extra week!  the cousins have the *best* time together.  they love each other so much.  

cabin week means lots of activities for the kids.  grandma always plans lots of fun!  where could i look for some great ideas?  of course, my new favorite pastime, Pinterest!  

how about a little slime made from school glue (white and clear for variation)?  

they will love these glow jars!
found on Pinterest, but i cannot trace it back to the original owner to give proper credit.

and i have a few other things i'm working on (while the house is quiet and kid-free) that i'll share soon!

btw, it *is* possible for a house to be too quiet...i miss my kids.  :(

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