Thursday, May 26, 2011

who won the zero7one9 wristlet?

the sew mama sew giveaway day was so much fun!  i truly appreciate those who left me some blogging advice.  fantastic suggestions!  be yourself, be yourself, be yourself was the common theme. 

i hope my personality is peeking through in my posts.  but not too much, too soon.  i don't want to scare you off with my sometimes snarky, sometimes sarcastic, personality!  i'll try to ease you into it.  ;)

on to the winner...[insert drumroll here] or [insert a ryan seacrest awkward, anxious pause here]...

the winner of her very own zero7one9 wristlet (made by these snarky, sarcastic hands) is:

jessica!  who said, "How FUN! Your stuff is so cute! Blog advice..just be nice, and funny is good too!"

congrats to jessica!  i'll be in touch with you shortly to make arrangements to send out your choice of wristlet!  i hope you *love* it!

for the rest of you...thank you so much for entering.  if you are desperately in love with the wristlet, rest assured, you can have one of your own (wink, wink)!  just visit my etsy shop and one can be on the way to you, too!

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