Saturday, April 9, 2011

personalized sand art tutorial (attention: wine drinkers)

my first silhouette project [a tutorial]

my in-laws visited recently.  the kids love doing crafts with grandma. this visit they made sand art in mini wine bottles.  luckily, grandma sacrificed and drank all 5 single-serving bottles of wine so each grand kid would have their own container to create their art.  ;) tee hee.

here's proof of how crazy things have been: i ordered and received my brand-spankin' new silhouette and i've barely had time to plug it in.  

yep, i've officially joined the aren't-you-jealous-of-all-the-things-i-can-create-with-my-sweet-silhouette club and was booted from the i-hate-you-and-your-freakin'-craft-cutter-but-secretly-i-love-looking-at-all-your-awesome-creations club.

i learned the secret handshake and everything.  

so, i was fiddling with the silhouette and sent a piece of copy paper through to cut the kids' names...just as a practice.  no project in mind.  went to bed.  [insert sun setting, then rising, and a rooster crowing here]

after grandma and the kids had their sand art fun the next day, we put 2 and 2 together and ta-da...the first silhouette project was born: personalized sand art.  

here's how to make yours: 

step one: drink wine :)
pick your favorite *mini* bottle of wine, enjoy, rinse, remove label, air dry.  this stands about 7 inches tall and holds 187ml. they come in 4 packs at my local grocery stores.

step two: create sand art
buy a kit (michael's or hobby lobby - don't forget to use a coupon!) or purchase a variety of colored sand and a funnel.  

pour the sand to create layers.  

push a chopstick or skewer down the sides to add a little  detail.  hold the bottle at an angle to create diagonal layers.  be creative!

tip: run a thin line of hot glue along the inside edge of the screw on top to secure the lids.

step three: cut your letters
this can certainly be done by hand, but the nifty silhouette sd makes quick work of it.  

use a name, a shape, initial, anything your little one wants.  because we had the names on hand (from my practice round), that's what we used.  

my first attempt at the silhouette sd (using a free font i found online)

step four: mod podge it
dry arrange your cut outs before you stick them so you can be sure to like the placement.  

tip:  try to keep your sand art upright as much as possible.  tipping it causes the sand to move and may change your little one's artistic masterpiece.  

then using a paint brush (we used a 1 1/2 inch one that was in our junk drawer) to brush a little mod podge on the glass as a base layer.

the magic goop

brush on as glue to stick your letters, shapes, etc.

stick the cut outs on the mod podge being careful to arrange them the way you want.  you can move them a bit, but if you use thin (copy) paper like we did, it might tear. 

the first letter

lookin' good so far

 gently brush mod podge on top of the cut outs.  smooth any wrinkles or other imperfections with a skewer, toothpick, your fingers, etc. 

had to smooth out a few wrinkles as we went along

step five: touch up
use a wet paper towel to carefully clean up any excess mod podge.  get as close as you can without disturbing the cut out.  this step is not necessary; the mod podge dries clear.  but i found it gives your project a nice finished look.  

look closely to see the clean edge

this one is ready for wine time, er, i mean drying time.  ;)

step six: drink more wine while it dries
when dry, add another layer of mod podge. repeat step five (clean up with wet paper towel). let dry for a couple hours.

adding second layer of mod podge

optional step seven: repeat step one. ;) 

here's how they turned out!  awesome, huh?  the kids were thrilled!


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