Tuesday, April 19, 2011

laptops shouldn't go sleeveless :)

so I whipped up a few sleeves so the laptops won't be self-conscious about their upper arms.  ha!

the sleeves with the flap open

i used elizabeth hartman's pattern that she shared on sew mama sew.  It was very easy to follow.

i *highly* recommend picking up a walking foot for your machine, if you don't already have one.  (i wish i'd learned sooner about this little work horse!)

Kenmore Walking Foot w/Quilter Bar for Embroidery/Sewing Machines
photo from kenmore.com
 it makes easy work out of sewing (straight!) through lots of layers because it adds another set of feed dogs on top so the layers don't bunch up or shift (as much).  i ordered mine online for less than $20. 

a perfect fit!

the exteriors (dots) are michael miller quarter dot in clementine and kiwi.  interior is michael miller flower shower black flannel.

tip:  if you're running short on yardage, look for ways to improvise.  i didn't have enough of the flower flannel for two sleeves, so if you take a look inside, you'll notice the bottom half of the interior is white flannel!  no one noticed!

i skipped the velcro closure and just left it without, b/c i didn't care for it.

the first one i made (flowers below) was rather wonky and i think the magnetic closures made the problem even more obvious so i left the polka dotted ones free from closures at all.

eek.  the magnetic closure required a firm interfacing which caused a ridge in the flap that i don't like. 

the flower one is a fun print i found at hobby lobby. interior is white flannel.

these sleeves will keep your laptop modest and free from fashion faux pas.  

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