Wednesday, April 27, 2011

cut, sew, freak out...repeat

remember the sweet monogram appliqued aprons I made for my daughter's birthday party last month?  i'm getting pretty good at them from the 9 i made for the party and the 4 requests for a custom aprons from the show i participated in. 

i have received so many nice compliments on them that i decided to throw them on my etsy shop to share the love.  

fast forward 2 weeks later to when i actually got around to listing them.

the *very next day* i got a request.  great! 

from a mom in texas.  great!  

who was planning an art party.  great!  

for her daughter's 7th birthday. great!
she'd like me to make aprons for party favors.  great!

she needs 23 of them.  gulp!
for a party in a week and a half.  double gulp!

my inner monologue:  "i have to do this.  i can do this.  i CAN do this.  can i do this?"

complicating factor #1:  i have a full time job outside of the home

complicating factor #2:  my husband just left this morning for a business trip and won't be home until Sunday (no help with the kids!)

complicating factor #3: i cannot say no.

so i said yes, absolutely, no problem...then i freaked out a bit. that was yesterday.  

tonight after work, i got to work.  my awesome mom pressed 20 yards of fabric today that i pre-washed last night so it'd be ready for me.  i cut and cut and cut and cut and cut.  

i'll update you on my progress. 

if anyone has tips for fulfilling a large order, working under pressure or a deadline, consuming more than 1 grande americano from starbucks (in my near future), etc., please leave me advice!!

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