Sunday, October 23, 2011

Carve, Paint, Carve and Paint..

It's pumpkin decorating time!  And just in the knick of time...Grandma (and Grandpa) from Minnesota came to town with a car full of pumpkins from her garden!  Including some of my favorite...white pumpkins and green 'cinderella' (i.e. short and squat) pumpkins. 

Let the decorating commence!

Dad's t-shirts make great paint shirts for the kids!
That's his concentration face. 
Self-portrait pumpkin.  
Mr. Weak Stomach almost yarfed shortly after this pic was snapped!
The "guts" bucket.
My attempt at a houndstooth pumpkin.  Free hand sketched with a ball point pen, then filled in with craft paint.  I should have cut a stencil on my Silhouette, but was feeling lazy!

Fast-forward several "dark time" (a Maeve-ism).

Maeve's pumpkin all lit up. 
Ethan's vampire pumpkin complete with scrap fabric for a cape.
The vampire looks scared!!
My father-in-law didn't like the photo of him in my previous post; I hope he likes this one.  
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