Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Will they like it??

It's one thing when your [insert obligated person here] tells you that they love the stuff you make.  My husband, my mom, my friends, my kids, etc.!  It's another when it comes from a stranger.  

I have been so happy/relieved/elated by the feedback I've gotten from my Etsy customers.  A few of them even talked about me and I wanted to shamelessly brag tell you about it: 

Christy at MCH Photography just featured my shop last week.

Go check it out.  She is lovely...and took some great pics (way better than my shop pics...mental note: update my pics!).

Jessica at Little Pumpkin Grace purchased three wristlets for teacher gifts for the start of school.

She even dressed them up in cute packaging...which inspired me to step up my packaging as well!
I don't know what it is about seeing something I made in another environment (i.e. not my sewing room)!  Love it!

Ladies, I *truly* appreciate the shout-outs.  It warms my heart.  Thank you. 
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