Saturday, March 5, 2011

cupcake party pennant banner

we are in full swing party mode at my house! once again, with inspiration from the craftblog world, we (my awesome husband and i) created this uber-adorable pennant banner for maeve's 5th birthday party.

the banner taped to the wall, just to see how it looks

it was so simple. the penants measure 6" x 9" which allows you to easily cut three pennants from a 12" x 12" sheet of scrapbook paper. i used a textured paper which was a bit thicker than cardstock in the party colors.

we added a top border using a coordinating scrapbook paper and fancy decorative edge scissors (i love these). it's attached with adhesive on a roll. trim the excess flush with your pennant. we did have to splice a few, but you won't notice when it's hung on the wall. tip: if you use 12" x 12" paper, make the dimension of the top of the pennant 5 1/2". this way you can utilize the full 12" length of border paper.

i free handed the letters, but you could easily use a font from your computer. tip: use the 'mirror image' option (found in the printer preferences) and print on the back of your paper. then simply cut the letters out! viola! no lines on the front!

tip:  create your own coordinating cupcake invites with my simple tutorial here.

see the birthday girl in the background!

ribbon was on sale 3/$1 last weekend, so that is what i used to hang the banner. the pennants are attached to the ribbon with scotch tape.

we had 4 pom giant poms hanging from the ceiling: 2 pinks, one lime, one purple.  they are an awesome inexpensive splash of color!  each cost only $1.  there are a zillion online tutorials for making them yourself.  maybe i'll be a zillion and one.  ;)  stay tuned.

btw, maeve approves of the final product!



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