Friday, March 11, 2011

cupcake party aprons...SO cute!

another cupcake party's consuming my life (by consuming, i mean, i'm loving every minute of it!).  i quickly realized you can't have a cupcake party without a cupcake decorating activity.  

let's do the math:  (5-year-olds)(9) + frosting + (a million tiny decorations) = m.e.s.s.!!!!
not messy yet! 

so, i spent the weekend fiddling around to come up with a basic apron to use as favors for the guests at maeve's party.  it had to be 5-year-old sized, super cute, and 5-year-old friendly.

maeve modeling her birthday apron
5-year-old sized:
measured my 5-year-old.  i cut on the fold and eye-balled the curve for the 'arm' area.

super cute:
fabric from jo-ann's.  i've seen lots of cupcake/sweets-themed fabrics around.  find one you love. 
jumbo ric-rac to finish the top edge and bottom edge.

5-year-old 'friendly':
for the purposes of the party, i didn't want to spend time helping mutiple girls get in and out of their aprons.  i used 1/2" elastic for the neck strap (MUCH easier than D-rings).  it slips right over their heads.  i used velcro for the waist strap.  e.a.s.y.
elastic neck strap
velcro made it easy for the girls to get in and out of their own aprons

and to make them special, i appliqued each guest's initial to the front of their apron.  if you look closely at the first pic in this post, you can see some of the initials.  more math: 1j+2 l's+1k+1e+1z+2 m's+1r = 9 personalized aprons for 9 happy little ladies!

m is for maeve!

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