Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Is it obvious?

Please confirm that I am not in fabric denial.  From the moment I saw this fabric online, I knew it was meant to be mine.  I don't know about you, but when I shop online for fabric, a lot goes into the cart.  Anything I'd even remotely think about purchasing gets added.  Then when I finish the joy of sorting through pages of thumbnails of fabric, I edit out the ones I don't l.o.v.e.  So, back to the fabric.  This one was different.  It was love at first sight.  Then I clicked on it.  Huh?  Seasonal?  How can this possibly be...oh, wait...yep...Halloween.  It's called Haunted Mansion by Sanae for Moda Fabrics.  

So, my question for I blind in love?  So much that I went ahead and made a bag out of it and have been carrying it around (proudly, I might add) for the last month (January, not October!)?  

Or are you with me and see this as an awesome fabric with a great color combo (gray, red, oranges) and a nod toward nature?  

Don't leave me hangin' here...leave a comment so I can begin the healing process, if need be.  :)  

My Halloween Bag?  You be the judge!

There is a free tutorial and pattern for the City Bag available from Martina at Confessions of a Sewing Addict.  I love the shape and how it stands up on it's own (not so much the straps).  It has an interior pocket and a magnetic closure.  I changed up the straps on my version.  I used a really fine whale corduroy for the interior and a stiff piece of fusible interfacing for the bottom. 

If you use the pattern, place the interior pocket lower than it appears in the drawing.  There are no measurements regarding the placement, so I eyeballed based on the diagram which left a pretty tight squeeze for the clasp between the top of the pocket and the edge of the fabric.  

City blooms tote giveaway
The giveaway is over, by the way, but you can still make this sweet bag and love yours as much as I love mine.  
Happy Halloween, er...I mean...happy Thursday!
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