Friday, January 28, 2011

Heat Bag filled with Rice

While I love the giant windows in my office, they can be chilly, especially on days when there is a strong north wind.

Please don't judge my messy desk...I know exactly where everything is...most of the time...
 It's more than frowned upon to have any type of heat source that plugs in, so this was the next best thing.    

dark hallway = bad photo

I couldn't seem to get a decent picture of it, sorry!  It's made up of two 100% cotton fabrics for the exterior and a 100% cotton lining.  The handles are cotton webbing you can buy by the yard.  I got mine on clearance (yay!)

I had intended to sew the compartments parallel to the seams, but b/c I'm not very good at this yet, the seams didn't line up on the back.  So I decided on diagonal instead.  With those seams, the back twists nicely into a shape perfect for the back of my neck! 

A little tip: if you sew 1/2 the diagonal and stop at the seam, remove from your machine, fill the compartment with rice (about 2/3 full), shake it all to the bottom, it'll be easier to sew it the rest of the way.

Two to three minutes in the microwave (I nuke mine at 1/2 power) and you'll be nice and toasty for hours!

There you have it!  A Heat Bag filled with Rice.  Or is it a Rice Bag filled with Heat?
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