Thursday, August 25, 2011

i'm taking the challenge...the photo challenge, that is

while blog-hopping the other night, i came across a blog called A Step in the Journey written by laura beth.  she was inspired to start a photography challenge on her own on her blog.  and i'm in. (AND she has a Nikon - gotta love that!) 

each week, there is a photo assignment.  once you complete your homework and pick your best shot, you link it up to laura beth's blog.  simple, huh?  they just finished week 4: "dinner" and they are on to week 5's assignment "from a high angle"...jump in at any time.

sheesh.  i make it sound so easy.  i hope i'm not sounding to used car salesman-y.  no offense to all the car sales people out there.  i just can't let an effective reference die.   

anyway, back to the challenge.  i'm doing it.  for real.  no, seriously, i will do it.  every week.  why are you laughing?    (have i shared my favorite pin i found on pinterest?) 

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