Behind the Backless Shirt

If I were you, I'd be wondering why this blog is called Backless Shirt when it's full of crafts and sewing.  

"What, you want me to name someone? You want like a name? Oh, God, the pressure of a name..."
-Kit De Luca, Pretty Woman

Yes, I donned a backless shirt circa 1998.  (I can feel you judging me!).  Don't be hasty!  Put away your jump-to-conclusions mat.  I have a perfectly legitimate excuse for (half) clothing was spring break!   That's it.  That's all I got.  And you should consider yourselves lucky that I haven't unearthed a photo of me in said shirt.  

I haven't been able to shake the it has become sort of an ongoing joke.  A friend of mine and I came up with an amazing money-making idea:  pajama slacks.  We came up with it after laughing hysterically after you tubing the Pajama Jeans infomercials.  Anyway, long story bad idea deserves another, so the name of our fictitious pajama slacks company was Backless Shirt Enterprises, after my bad decision(s) circa 1998.

So, when I needed a name for my blog...yep, you guessed it...the rest is history!

Meet the recovering backless shirt-wearer behind the madness!  I find it really difficult to accurately describe myself. 

me trying to take a pic of my flower
me realizing that smiling is better

To take a page out of my fave smut mag:  let's do this up 'US weekly-style' and use the "25 things (in no particular order) you didn't know about me" format:
  1. I love lists (hence, this one)
  2. I love bullet points (short and to the point, er, pun-intended)
  3. Mom to two fabulous kids
  4. Wife to one fabulous, handy, smart, modest, best-father-in-the-world husband (and he's hot!)
  5. I cannot go an entire day without making a movie reference or quoting one of my favorites
  6. Polka dots and stripes make me smile (together or separate)
  7. I am 33 (mental note to edit this once-a year)!
  8. I suffer from motherhood-induced memory loss (aka: "mommy brain")
  9. I [heart] silly, one-liner jokes (think: laffy taffy) Q: What kind of bee makes milk?  A: a boobie
  10. My husband and i have changed about 80% of our house since we moved in 7 years ago
  11. I have a full-time non-crafty, non-sewy job
  12. I [heart] oak trees, but dislike oak wood work (and my house is full of it, argh!)
  13. I was 28 when i learned of the full functionality of cruise control
  14. Born in california - never lived there.  i am a midwestern girl.
  15. I [heart] using the phrase, 'i [heart]'
  16. My favorite color of all time is red
  17. My sense of humor is generally pretty immature :) (refer to boobie joke above)
  18. I get in a zone when i sew
  19. I need more girl's nights out, weekends away, etc. (hint: let's get together, ladies)
  20. I adamantly refuse to pay full price
  21. I have a knack for remembering and recalling song lyrics
  22. My tolerance for improper grammar is scarily low
  23. I still use, "i before e, except after c, or when sounded as a, as in neighbor and weigh"
  24. Korean food is my favorite - try it if you haven't ever had it - you'll fall in love
  25. I was a philosophy major in college 

I would love for you to say hello, tell me what you think of my blog, admit to wearing a backless shirt, send me your best one-liner, or just send me a movie quote you think I'd love (remember that immature sense of humor of mine?) 

Email me at Jamie [at] zero7one9 [dot] com

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