Sunday, June 12, 2011

display your goods...inspiration

until i started a little business, zero7one9 designs, i never gave any thought to displays.  but now i need a 'mobile storefront' for shows, markets, etc. 

our local borders bookstore was having a store closing sale a few weeks back.  they were liquidating everything, including all fixtures.  i had been in that store countless times before.  but this time was different. 

a third of the store had already been 'broken down' into parts.  the tables (from the cafe), chairs, wire racks, magazine racks, wooden book shelves, wire book shelves, sign holders, hooks, etc. etc. etc.  

i thought to myself, "where did all of these fixtures come from?"  the more time i spent in the 'adopt-a-fixture section, things became more familiar.  like running into a old childhood friend years later, i started to recognize the fixtures:  the bookmark rack.  the greeting card rack.  the plexiglass box that held the trinkets at the checkout.  the stuffed animal shelves.  

i was ashamed of myself.  a self-proclaimed organization junkie, how could i have not noticed the fixtures before?  i rationalized my self-doubt with this:  you're not supposed to notice the fixtures.  i noticed the product, not what the product was sitting on or hanging from.  you could argue that is the definition of a successful display.   

a mini-crisis averted, i found myself lost in the sea of organization possibilities.  my brain was swirling with ideas.  i wanted to adopt each and every thing in there and give it a good (well-organized) new home.

i took home quite a load that day.  but those are just parts...i needed some inspiration for overall look and feel, so, like a good blogger, i turned to the internet for some inspiration and am so pleased with what i found!  here are some of my favorites!

the pleated poppy
the pleated poppy
be slightly askew

inspire lovely

i don't have a photo credit for this or the next photo.  if you know where they came from, please let me know!
if you know where this photo came from, or whose display it is, please let me know.  

sunshine and carousels
pumpkin pie originals, photo by the pleated poppy
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